Five Minute Friday – Small

Five Minute Friday I’ve just spent the last two hours with some of the best people I know on the internet that means it’s Thursday night and Five Minute Friday and at Midnight we all gathered and wrote brave for five minutes.  No editing, no back tracking, no over thinking.  Won’t you join us?  



The romance novels got it wrong you know.  They just flat out messed up love.  Page after page of trite and larger than life characters that somehow miss the point.  The glossy covers with rippling muscles and flowing hair and airbrushed, touched up perfection, it’s all just wrong.
Love isn’t in the larger than life.  Love isn’t in the fancy dinners and the gorgeous evening gowns or the cocktail parties or the rich and famous.  Love doesn’t live in the bold declarations and the crushing first kisses.  And it doesn’t matter how many times you turn the page it always ends the same.  Thy guy gets the girl in some Hollywood-esque scene involving airports or sunsets and misty fields at dawn. 
The romance novels got it wrong. 
Love comes in the small and the unexpected.  The quiet grace of an offering held in cupped palms before a heart that wasn’t sure she could remember how to love.  Love comes without the pretense, it comes with gratitude unfolding into a holy wonder that makes her lose her breath. 
Love comes when a man bends his knee to ask God before he bends a knee to ask for her hand and then continues to bend that knee and serve her with all of his heart.  The small notes that appear on the counter, in her lunch on her pillow signed always in the same way with a tiny heart beside his name.
Love is the small moments when he wraps his arms around her even when her back is rigid with the stress of the day and presses his lips just there in the nape.  Love happens when he sways with her for just a moment while she stands at the stove.  A gentle reminder of what came out of the small.
Love is the moment when she realizes that she can truly let go of the past.  Love is the way he cares for her with coffee in bed and flowers just because.  Love is when he holds her hand before a scary surgery or comes home from work with Advil and Gravol because she can’t lift your head off the pillow.
It’s the nights when she is weary and wants to hide in a hole that packs her up and heads to the bookstore and makes sure there’s a Starbucks warming her hands. And when she suggests that she wants to follow a wild crazy dream, he smiles at her and says “Go and get it babe, I’m right here” 
Love is the small moments and isn’t that just the miracle right there? 
It’s in the small that the miraculous happens.  It’s in the small that love blooms and flourishes.  It’s in the constant lowering of self and expectations that love can move mountains, scale fears and fight doubt.  
The romance novels got it wrong.  Yep they sure did. 

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