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Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker today for Five Minute Friday.  A stalwart of fearless sisters leaving bravery all over the internet.  Won’t you join us?

The dock stretched long across the lake, mist rising off the water and the sounds of early morning beckoned me closer.  The gentle waves lapped against the hull of the old row boat that bobbed and dipped upon the water.   

It was the summer I turned 13.  I can still remember my tall and lean frame, a girl blossoming woman.  My legs tanned and slender, I lived that summer in my red bathing suit.  It was early morning and as I sat on the end of the dock echoes of the week washed over me and I heard the remnants of joy’s song rising clear across the lake as cousins and siblings were a tangle of arms and legs in that old boat.   Life jackets slung carelessly over shoulders and laughter the only rain on a hot summer’s day. Howls and delighted squeals piercing the air as joy and content rode the waves to shore.

There is another moment of that summer that brings me back to that dock and the waters that held it buoyant.   It was the summer I turned my heart over to the One who had made me.  I stood on the steps of that dock with family and friends gathered and the preacher-lady gently placed her palm on the top of my head and I held my nose.   “In the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit…” she whispered close to my ear as I professed my love for a Saviour much needed.  And I remember opening my eyes for just a moment before I breached the water’s smooth surface and seeing light play and dance upon the clouds.

And as I rose from the depths, my sin and shackles sinking lower, I felt purpose and faith begin its faint beating in my young and tender heart.   With my rising out of the depths I felt the courage I needed to unlock the secrets that I had kept too close and guarded too well.  Secrets that little girls should not have to keep so I opened my mouth laid bare my fragile heart and said the words that I whispered in sleep and through tears many a night “Please help me.”
I remember well the summer I turned 13.   The summer that I was saved.


  1. Hi Tonya–
    I love how you’ve captured the occasion of your conversion–especially your description of the moment just before your face emerges from the water. It makes me wonder what thoughts were in your mind at that second . . . . .

    It was a treat to visit your blog. Keep writing and sharing your story . . . .

  2. Oh my! What a powerful memory! I saw your name pop up on FMF and thought I’d stop by and say hello. Great post!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Tonya. Thank you for sharing the moments with us.

  4. What a gift, Tonya- to help us feel like we were there! Thank you and thankful for these memories that you shared! Much love to you!!!

  5. Oh sweet friend – yes… I hear your heart and I am so glad that it is free! That you are free… and this: ” laughter the only rain on a hot summer’s day” – I will think of that when we are nearing triple digits and laughter surrounds me – believing it will refresh my soul! Love you! (Now – get back to ‘work’… you are WAY behind!)

  6. Oh friend…this had me in tears with the beauty of the moment and your heart captured by our Abba. Thank you so much for sharing it today. Blessings and much love.

    • Wendy, Thank you for your sweet words. I have been captured by Him. And although I spent a lot of years wondering if I was worth it – He has relentlessly pursued me – and I am undone by His grace. Thank you so much for listening to my heart here.

  7. ughhhhh fabulous post – love it! (although my heart goes out to that 13 year old girl who was dealing with something…) I’d like to hug you tight!!!

  8. I see you’re going to Allume… I’m seriously praying about going! If I do, I’d love to meet you in person. God bless your beautiful heart.

    Janelle Marie

  9. Lovely writing, Tonya!

  10. The descriptions in this one were so beautiful they made me catch my breath. So vivid. Loved every word. You’re my featured FMF this week 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing your story.
    warmest of wishes

  11. Love this post. <3

  12. Just beautiful – the writing and the story! Praise God for giving us freedom.

  13. Well done. Beautiful word picture. Thank you for sharing. I have to say I really enjoyed your introduction sentence: “A stalwart of fearless sisters leaving bravery all over the internet.” How perfectly said. What is the Lord doing through all this? I don’t know, but I’ve been enjoying the adventure. God bless you.

    • I too have been enjoying this adventure too friend… because God is working and He is raising us sisters up to glorify Him… Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by here {hugs}

  14. Chill bumps sweet lady! This is the first chance I’ve gotten to read – amazing!

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