Five Minute Friday – Paint

Five Minute Friday

  The best night of the week ever.  We stop what we’re doing, take a big breath and silence the critic while we write for five minutes flat.  No over thinking, no back tracking, no editing.  Just write our hearts.  It’s the bravest kind of writing I know.  Click on the logo to the left to join in the fun! 

Word – Paint


I’d wanted a space for what felt like forever.  Somewhere to create and contemplate that didn’t have me navigating dirty dishes and piles of life strewn all over the the dining room table.  
I wanted calm and serene, a room that I could walk in barefoot and feel like I was on holy ground. So, when my oldest moved out, I moved in and that in itself sits in the tension of bittersweet.  The end of something that ebbs into the beginning of something else. 
I painstakingly picked out paint, a butter yellow that glows soft and warm when the candles are lit.  To my husband’s surprise, and I’m sure delight, I banished him from the room.  I want to do it myself I told him. 
With each stroke of the brush, each pass with the roller I could almost see the words and prayers and whispers to God that would echo off  the walls.  The times I would sit at my desk with my hair standing straight on end with the frustration of not being able to find the right words. 
I could feel the way my heart would just sigh into His presence. 
I love my room.  I do and everyday I’m grateful for a little corner to call my own. However, what I’ve learned in the past few months is that the walls and the floor and the perfectly cute desk aren’t prerequisites for the glory of God.  
The glory of God can be found in the dirty dishes, the sticky tables, the piles of life that get left by everyone and cleaned up by no one. 
The glory of God is found in your messy bed or the laundry that just. won’t. stop. 
The glory of God is found in the painted glory of your ordinary life. 


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