Five Minute Friday – Ordinary

It settles on me, that word ordinary, like a weight – like something that is about to suffocate and choke the joy right out of me.  And for so long I have fought the ordinary, for so long I have had a burning desire to move beyond and past what is ordinary. 

This ordinary life of wife and mother and work that drives me somewhat crazy.  I have wanted to move past the ordinary of meals and cooking and cleaning and the mountains of laundry that you need special shoes and a pick axe to climb.  

I have wanted so much more than ordinary… so I have strapped on my superhero suit and hoped beyond hope that by leaping tall buildings (okay maybe just the laundry pile) in a single bound I could catapult myself way beyond ordinary… way beyond the ho-hum drum of life.  And then I remember that I can’t actually fly.

But this week, after one of my leaps I was on my face – I mean, cheek pressed against floor, on my face- I  begged God to go back to the ordinary… begged him for the simplistic, the comfort of the status quo… and what I learned astounds me…

There is no ordinary for God – it doesn’t matter if you’re picking up the garbage the dog dragged all over the living room, or tackling the grass stains that just. will. not. come. out.  It doesn’t matter if over the kitchen sink you feel like you could just scream if you have to wash one more dish and couldn’t you just throw them all in the trash and be done with it already. 

No to God it is all extra-ordinary – because YOU are extra-ordinary – He has gifted you in so many ways and I know sister – I know that dishpan hands, and the hair on your chin that you missed with your eagle eye and tweezers this morning beg you to believe otherwise.   But trust me when I say – He loves… Oh how he loves – not the hearts and flowers love (okay maybe that too) but the jealous, you are the one and only, I long for you, kind of love that brings our ordinary into the wonder of HIM!!

Our ordinary – is God’s wonder… so awake to it friend… awake to it!

Linking up with Lisa Jo – Baker today for Five Minute Friday.  Five minutes, no editing (at least not too much) and bravery to hit that publish key.  And the one and only rule… you must (and this is a hard and fast rule) spread a little blog love on the person who linked up just before  you. 


  1. Great reminder, and freedom from the pressure to force the extra-ordinary. May we live, knowing we are in relationship with THE extra-ordinary, and His beloved.

  2. What a beautiful and wonderful reminder. Thank you <3

  3. Leaping the laundry pile right alongside you! And seeking a superhero cape in just the right color.

  4. I’d like my cape to be yellow please πŸ™‚

    I’m reading a lot of just how extravagant the Lord’s love for us is. And I’m loving it. We need these reminders, yes?
    i constantly need to re-awaken to God’s wonder. Thank you for your wonderful words and beautiful style. So encouraging.

    • Thank you friend… and for calling my style beautiful… I needed to hear that… Have you read Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg yet? I love it and it is one of the books that helped me see past the ordinary…

  5. Love your imagery, especially leaping over piles of laundry…yes, you are extra-ordinary, Tonya πŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement πŸ™‚

    • You know Dolly… I though as your kids got older the laundry piles get smaller… I am here to tell you… they don’t πŸ™‚

  6. I so love that we both took this approach my friend! In my post I boldly declared Ordinary is a lie and I refuse to believe in it! (And GIRrrl… did you just blog about chin hair? Now there is real and transparent… and then there is a whole new level of bold!) LOL… I have tweezers at the ready!

    Love you so!

    • Karrilee… Yeah… I’m not sure where that came from… but I had a giggle when I wrote it…and Ordinary is such a lie… isn’t it… God is to wonderful for ordinary…

  7. Love this Tonya. Wait… you can’t fly? Oh, this will never do. How will you get to Allume? You must fly. πŸ˜‰ Praying for you and your heart as you muck through the ordinary and see the glimpses of God beauty nestled right there in every beat of your heart. Love you, friend.

    • Oh friend… October can. not. come. fast enough!!! And I love how God moves… and how he gives me bright fantastic and superb ideas… and how He shows me that I am -Extra-ordinary…

  8. Hi Tonya
    That hair on the chin that you missed with the tweezers takes the first prize!!!! Oh, I had such a good laugh for I relate so well! What a good way to begin a Friday with FMF!
    Much love

    • Mia… thank you… I am an huntress of chin hair… for some reason the older I get the more they appear in abundance… So happy it made you smile

  9. I fully intend to fly over laundry piles today…in a single bound;)
    And that flutter I get when I see Him in my everyday–my ordinary day…that’s the flight I look forward to! cuz you’re right—Oh how He loves us. jealously {HUGS}

    so proud of you! great write, friend!

    • Wishing you great success as you conquer the evil doom of laundry in your super hero cape… And I pray that in the middle of fabric softener and detergent you will see HIM – love you friend!!!

  10. Aww love this and yes so true we are extra-ordinary and I too have strapped on a superhero cape and tried to fly… I can’t fly either Tonya:)

  11. Oh Tonya, if we all had the same realization as you, there would be a revolution. A knowing He is extraordinary, and we are extraordinary just the way we are, right where we are. So beautiful.

    • Amy, just thank you for stopping by here… it always amazes me how sometimes I look right past His wonder and how He pursues me – way beyond ordinary. Blessings to you friend.

  12. “the kind of love that brings our ordinary into the wonder of Him”- can I just say that this line is incredibly profound?!! I will be pondering this for some time. It makes me long for more ordinary too, because I want HIM to be glorified in me.
    So thankful for your honest words and your beautiful heart!

    • Becky, It always moves me how He moves on a Friday morning… the things He shows me in a mere 5 minutes… it’s life altering! Thank you for you words here – they mean so much.

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