Five Minute Friday – In Between

Five Minute Friday

The time of the week when a bunch of us gather on a Thursday evening and wait for our gracious hostess, Lisa Jo, to give us the word prompt.  And for some of us – ahem… that would be me… only me… we get thrown in Twitter jail during this #FMFParty Twitter Party because we’re Tweeting too much… Then we race for first place write for 5 minutes flat.  No over thinking, no backtracking, no editing.  It’s my favourite day of the week.  There is only one rule and this is absolute… you must sprinkle a little blog love on the person who linked up just before you.

“The highest level of trust is to enjoy ME moment by moment” – Sarah Young (Jesus Calling)

It’s difficult to live life moment by moment when you’re a planner.

When you need to carve time and space for every activity and straying from the agenda is just not an option. 

And when I think about all that I miss when my Day-Timer becomes my blindfold – I am sad.

God wants to meet us in every moment of our day – the in between times – not just our quiet intentional moments.  He wants to help us through the mundane and to see Him in the ordinary.

I think that sometimes I relegate God to the fringes of my day, the edges of dusk and dawn. I forget that He didn’t leave me when I closed my Bible or walked out the front door.  He has NEVER done this. 

His words I carry in my heart and every day He walks with me, beside me.  As the dish water fills the sink, the dinner cooks on the stove, the endless laundry grows disproportionately to my shrinking family – for each of these He is right beside me. 

I need to remember this – take these moments and frame them – so my vision is focused solely on Him, framed by His goodness.  Because in those moments – the very, very ordinary ones, God is painting colour into my life – moment by moment and in between.


  1. God wants to meet us in every moment of our day – the in between times – not just our quiet intentional moments. He wants to help us through the mundane and to see Him in the ordinary.

    Yes! I love all these words. Thank you for the wisdom lady 🙂

    • Megan… I love sometimes how God works. I had been thinking all day on this the in between times – the times I forget to include God -so when this was the prompt… I couldn’t believe it so glad it blessed.

  2. I so needed this reminder. Thank you.

  3. Love that you point out that this is so hard when you are a planner. Yep jotting from one planned activity to the next — oh my I gotta slow and see His goodness and grace in the middle!

  4. Love this reminder and your heart, sweet friend. He is so there in the ordinary…in all of it. Blessings and happy Friday! Hope your weekend is awesome. 🙂

  5. Oh, what a sweet conviction for me today that I needed so. I, too, often put God on the fringes of my days. Yet, I know deep in me, that he wants my whole day. May I see His goodness today.

  6. Yes, he most definitely is and wants to be a part of every moment of our day. I am realizing that it’s okay to not have every waking moment filled with something, and it’s okay to have in between moments where we can meet with God throughout the day!

  7. shouting from my sofa – YES YES YES. And YES some more!!!

  8. Yes! Love this: “God wants to meet us in every moment of our day – the in between times – not just our quiet intentional moments. He wants to help us through the mundane and to see Him in the ordinary.”

    So Much Yes!

  9. Love it Tonya… I actually started having running conversations with God throughout the day. I need to do it more again, actually. Our time with God doesn’t need to be boxed into certain hours, we should talk to him as we would to a dear friend who joins us throughout our day 🙂 Our time with God doesn’t need to be wrapped up in perfect prayers – make it a conversation, casual, relaxed, loving… Thanks for the reminder, friend! Glad your migraine went away 🙂

    • April… Exactly… He did not create us so that he could watch us from heaven… He created us to commune with Him… so I figure I should perhaps start communing… I too am glad my migraine left… 🙂

  10. So true. Color in the mundane. Color and grace in the everyday pace of a life lived with Him. Love that God is in it all. That the sacred and the secular collide each day and in the midst, God reigns in it all. Love you, friend. Sorry you got jailed, tonight. You like living on the edge, I can tell. 😉

    • Yes… Color and grace in the everyday pace of life… Love that. Jail wasn’t too bad… I at least got to say goodnight to everyone after midnight… And living on the edge? Well I’m learning to… Love you {hugs}

      PS: Sure hope you’re feeling better.

  11. So beautiful!

  12. This: ” God wants to meet us in every moment of our day – the in between times – not just our quiet intentional moments. He wants to help us through the mundane and to see Him in the ordinary. “

    Yes. Precisely this. Oh bless you, my friend.

  13. Anonymous

    Many years ago, in a mundane funk I breath a prayer, “Oh, Lord, let my mountains top experience and my deepest valleys, the trips up and the trips down be the same. Give me the grace to live all of my life in the moment knowing that nothing escapes your attention.” Now that I am in my 60s it is still my prayer. I am so proud of my baby girl (yes she will always be my baby girl) and the how you are blessing us with your open heart. xx
    Annon Mom

    • And this had me in tears… at work (mascara running kind) – Love you so much Mom, and thank you for your words… I love them… Here’s to mountains and valleys… and everything in between.

  14. Oh so true, Tonya! I am a planner too and it’s hard to leave things alone without knowing what He will bring along next!

    • Isn’t it though Holly… The waiting the standing still and waiting for God’s next step… not always easy – and definitely can have it’s moments of frustration… Leaning in with you friend.

  15. Lovely and convicting. He really is in the in between times. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Beautiful! I’m realing along with you from Jesus Calling so you had me from the very beginning. I’m learning to see Him in all the moments. Thank you for sharing you heart. Blessings.

    • Beth – Isn’t that an awesome devotional… I just love how much I have learned from those short passages. Praying for you today friend.

  17. I have been so guilty of allowing ‘my Day-Timer becomes my blindfold’ especially the last few weeks. I can’t tell you how much I have learned to love your words and your outlook. Coming to visit you is always such a blessing.

    • Amy,

      You bless. Truly. And praying that both of us release our schedule to Him… I had to do that this morning already with a jam packed weekend schedule of planning and preparing. {hugs}

  18. Love this! God wants to be with us everywhere, and in between. Love the part about your Daytimer being a blindfold. 🙂

    • Thank you friend… I can always count on you to be right there with me… 17 weeks and we’ll being eating Chik Fil A and Krisp Kremes and hugging necks… can you believe it!?!?

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