Five Minute Friday – Hero

Five Minute Friday

You know what day it is!! It’s time to write without looking over your shoulder.  Write without second guessing every word and without over editing.  One word, five minutes and bravery, that’s what Five Minute Friday is all about!  Best day of the week.  

Word: HERO


He sat on the floor.  Eye level with her.  Her blond head bent and eyes focused on the singular task of dressing her Barbie in her very best clothes.  

“What do you think, Daddy?”  

She held out Barbie dressed to the nines; sequins and ridiculously heeled shoes.  Without missing a beat, he picked up a miniature wrap and held it out to those tiny waiting hands. 

“She needs this don’t you think?  The purple goes so well with her eyes.”

This is what I walked in on.  I was ready to open my mouth, the honey-do chore on the tip of my tongue.  But I couldn’t, the words got lost somewhere in the moment as I watched a daddy play barbies with his little girl. I leaned my hip against the door  to the play room, mesmerized by the magic. 

A tiny “haute couture” tornado had passed through the room.  Evening gowns, pointy shoes, glittery bags and earrings.  Parked nearby was the pink Corvette ready to jet off to the fancy ball that Barbie was headed to.  The fashion show went on for several minutes.  Daddy helping her dress Barbie’s friend. 

Who says fairy-tales don’t come true? Who says there is no Prince Charming?  Who says that the Heroes never win? 
My fairy-tale was happening in that play room with the ugly green carpet that hadn’t seen a vacuum in weeks.  My Prince Charming sat crossed-legged in the middle of pink like it was his job.  My hero held a little girl’s imagination in the palm of his hand like it was a priceless treasure. 
“Okay, Daddy, it’s time to go to the ball.  I’ll be Barbie and you be Cindy, okay?”
“Sure thing.  Let’s go to a party.”
That chore, the one on the honey-do list?  I don’t think it ever got done.  And the best part is that it didn’t even matter.  I didn’t need another chore done in that moment more than my little girl needed her hero.  Her daddy. 

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