Five Minute Friday – Grace

Words from our lovely hostess Lisa-Jo Baker about Five Minute Friday:
On Friday’s we silence the inner critic. The loudest of all naysayers. And on Fridays we remind ourselves that The Word is for us and loves us and welcomes us.”  
Won’t you join us as we write brave? 

Word: Grace


It’s a whisper of word.  An almost silent benediction to what we crave in our day to day.  Grace.  Just saying it beckons one to palms open holiness.

We say it hushed with heads bowed and souls wide open.  We whisper it in the hallowed halls of community. We mutter it when our souls taunt with blackened sin.


But don’t let its elegance belittle this small word’s power.

Grace is mighty.  Grace is full of risen from the dead power.  Grace is strong enough to catch all of what we have left undone in between the arms that outstretched wide so very long ago.

Death can not defeat it.  Sin cannot overcome it.  Doubt can not touch it. 

Grace comes in the tear when forgiveness is begged.

Grace comes in the healing that follows regret.

Grace comes in the quiet whisper of I’m sorry.

Grace comes in the moment when fear loses its grip and is replaced with holy wonder.

Grace comes when we give up and our knees hit the floor.


Death cannot defeat it.  Sin cannot overcome it. Doubt cannot touch it.

Grace comes with arms outstretched, palms open and pierced, a sacrifice for life.

Grace comes and it is mighty. 


And starting Monday a new series about grace and redemption in Motherhood.  Won’t you join me?  You can read more here. 

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