Five Minute Friday – Cherished

Bravery?  It visits us on Fridays.  It visits the women of Five Minute Friday.  And we write, souls wide open, hearts laid bare for 5 minutes.  Confession?  This one took a few more than 5 minutes

The tears they covered on Tuesday.  They covered and left tracks on my cheeks.  They covered my journal as I bled black ink, words from a darkened heart.  They dropped silently on the pages of Isaiah as I wept and cried out to God. 

The tears they turned, as they often do, to tears of fury and my cry to God turned into a one-sided shouting match as I unleashed my anger and all of the ugly that had crept into my heart.  All of that hazy anger and stagnant mal-content.

Through the pain, right through the darkness though, I never felt Him leave me.  Never once.  I felt the arms of people who love me, His arms, reach out to hold me close through a difficult day.  I felt the soothing words of Him in the whispered prayer of a friend.   I felt  Him rub my back with the encouragement from so many beautiful people.  Not once did I ever feel abandoned.  No, despite my angry bark, I felt Him cherish me.

The tears, the hot messy tears, they came and went and in the aftermath of my crisis, I still felt Him there.  And it amazes me that in all of my running Tuesday, in all of my tantrum and trying to run away from Him that He pursued me.  He pursued me.  And Pastor said it once and I wrote about here, “joy cannot do an end run around the pain, it emerges in the middle of it”

And I felt His hand, cup my cheek, His forehead touch mine and His gaze held my eyes as whispered my name, over and over, like a song.  He sang over me.  He sang a beautiful song, that dried up sobs, that calmed my heart.  And once I had settled there in His arms, once my tears had abated.  His whispered:

“I cherish you.  You are a treasure.  You are mine and from the moment you were formed, the moment  your beginnings stirred life in the depths of the womb I knew that this day would come.  This moment, this time, when I would get to hold you.  This time when I would get to stroke your hair, gaze love into your eyes.  And Tonya, I have waited, oh I have waited for this moment for 41 years.  The moment when in the middle of a horrible day, you would run to me. Run to me and let me cherish you.  You are cherished. “
I just love the community I get to be with every Thursday night over at the Five Minute Friday Twitter Party.  Linking up today on Lisa-Jo Baker’s Blog.  Wanna read some bravery.  Head on over.


  1. What a wonderful, intimate time with the Savior… it is comforting to know that we are cherished by Him… so much!

  2. Oh, Tonya. I relate to oh, so much of this. I love the quote you included from your Pastor: “joy cannot do an end run around the pain, it emerges in the middle of it.” How very true! Praying that you can bask in the joy of His grace this morning and remember that you ARE cherished!

  3. Tonya, this is beautiful. I’m sorry you had a rough day but glad you could feel the presence of our Savior in the midst of it. I wish I could say the same about my worst struggles. All the same He cherishes us! Have a blessed day.

    • He does Nataline, He truly does… And I have my days too when the struggle drowns out His voice… so glad you stopped by. Praying for you today.

  4. Awww this is how I felt yesterday!!Love that too joy in the middle. God brings people or a whisper or a prayer to bring joy to our lives, thank you for sharing !! Love you!!

  5. Just wow. So powerful and real and true! Thank you for being honest and brave and sharing the raw part of running… and yet being pursued! Aren’t you just oh so glad that He can outrun us in any direction – so in the end, no matter where we are fleeing – we can end up in His arms, being cherished? LOVE this!

    • I do love that and just now awakening to His love for me… and loving His arms around me ALL the time. Thank you friend for stopping by. Blessings to you today.

  6. Look at your heart poured out so eloquently…raw…beautiful. No wonder HE pursued you, friend.

    I’m honored to know you <3

  7. Hi Tonya
    I know that hurricane emotions overwhelming you can be devastating, but I also know like you experienced that He stills the storm the moment you turn to Him.
    Thanks , dear one.

  8. This is beautiful! Thanks for pouring your heart out to God and to us. You are cherished!

  9. So great! I’ll be honest. I clicked your ‘Cherished’ post because of your name. For some reason, it caught my eye 🙂 But I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. It’s amazing to know that God will never leave or abandon us. You are cherished indeed. Blessings.

  10. Tanya, Thank you, just thank you for stopping by here. I love that we share a name AND that we share being cherished by a good God. Blessings to you today friend.

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