Five Minute Friday – Broken

It’s Five Minute Friday and despite a broken blog we are forging ahead with bravery.  This stalwart of sisters that meets just as we are every Thursday night and replace our fears with friendship and community.  Posting the link to Lisa Jo Baker’s Facebook page so you can read all sorts of awesome there.

There is surrender in this brokenness.  A place where light touches the gaping dark holes left by fear and doubt.  

There is freedom in this brokenness.   Stripping myself bare of the shroud of pretense that I use to cover up the darkened parts of me.

There is light in this brokenness.   The kind of light that refracts and fills, illuminating all of what I hid in shame.

There is hope in this brokenness.  Healing can only happen when we bring all of who we are, the beautiful mess of us, to the Healer.

There is mercy in this brokenness.  A covering of grace that leaves us breathless and filled with the startling beauty of His joy.

There is forgiveness in this brokenness.   As the wounds on His back and His pierced hands and feet bring us to the hard of our knees.

There is life in this brokenness.  A “woman at the well” moment when my parched soul craves the life source of His living water.

Surrender.  Freedom.  Light.  Hope.  Mercy.  Forgiveness.  Life.

All of this in my brokenness.

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  1. Oh friend, your words bless and encourage me! So thankful for hope, mercy, forgiveness!! Where would I be without it??!?!

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