Five Minute Friday – Bare

For months now I have laid my soul bare on the pages of this blog.  All of my fears, my hopes, my dreams just pouring out of my fingers.  I have laid bare some of the darkest corners of my heart, the messy, cob-webby and ugly places that haunt me.

Those places that for far too long I have covered with the shroud of “I’m fine” or “everything is okay.”   And dusting off those corners, uncovering what truly beats, what pulses in my being is an act of courage and a test of bravery.

Laying it all bare, every dirty, ugly scrap of what I hide behind and from is so hard.  And how come I can extend grace so easily to others and yet, at the same time be hardest on myself.  Constantly badgering, nagging and willing my spirit into a submission of hidden fears.

It stops, this drive me crazy until I’m dizzy, insanity of hiding who God made me to be, it stops today.   That heap, that stained heap from my secret places?  It’s there at the foot of the cross covered with the blood, the scars, the wounded side of my Saviour.  It is covered by His grace.

I no longer lay claim to it, I no longer allow it to consume my joy!  I am free, my heart stripped bare and free to worship and live life fully and completely.

Five Minute Friday

Five Minutes, every Friday.  Five minutes, one word and no thinking.  Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and the gals from Five Minute Friday.


  1. “….you are free indeed.” May God continue to relieve you of what you’ve previously tried to carry. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Stripped bare to worship and live fully…I love it. Great encouragement to leave it all at His feet.

    • It is such a freedom… coming to the realization that I reall can leave it all at the foot of the cross… and that I don’t have to pick it up again… Thank you friend.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. As you know, I’ve had my own battles with the stripping process and being free indeed but even though it’s been brutal and often continues to be, I see glory and I feel peace. Praying for you as well, Tonya. That it ends and you are bare to worship and believe. Love you, friend. Bummer I missed the #fmfparty but I needed to conk out for a few hours. Feeling much better, thanks for the prayers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Alia? I am so blessed to be doing this journey right along side you… I think that, that is why so much of what you write resonates so deeply with me. Sad that you missed the #FMFParty but oh so happy that you are feeling better. Love you!

  5. that freedom to ‘worship and live life fully and completely’ … what a gift from our Creator!

  6. I feel like I need to give you a “You Go Girl!” today. Isn’t amazing how your life can change in 5 short minutes and the clarity that comes from writing out our thoughts and tackling that thing that just popped its head up through the words! Yeah!

    • I’ll take your “You Go Girl!!” Amy – thank you. I am truly amazed at what God places in my heart at the exact moment I need it… Blessings to you today.

  7. YES!!! Love this: “It stops, this drive me crazy until I’m dizzy, insanity of hiding who God made me to be, it stops today” Amen sweet sister! Amen!

  8. Yes!!! To begin anew each moment of the day knowing that within Him all peace is found! Seeing you enjoy this freedom that is found as we bare it all to Him!

  9. It is such freedom isn’t it? I love resting in the knowledge that His grace covers.

  10. LOVE this!! Yes we are free to stop spinning and becoming dizzy!! And we can JOY!! You rock!! love you!!

  11. Dear Tonya
    I can relate so well with your being so hard on yourself! I did it myself for a long time until I realized that I should actually take all my faults, fears, frustrations about myself and everything else to our Lord Jesus. He knows how to deal with it all at a pace we can endure!
    Happy FMF

  12. Beautiful!!! I love this so much! Thank you Tonya.

  13. It has taken me all day to get to your blog, but what a sweet way to end! Rejoicing with you sister and this stepping out to live fully!!!! Much love to you!!!

  14. Oh yes. As writers we strip down the walls we put up in society, if we do not then our readers know and choose not to follow.
    Thanks you for reminding me to keep it real when I write.

  15. Tonya, I am rejoicing with you! Amen to your proclamation of faith and belief that your mess is not too much for Jesus — just as you believe that for others. I love this line:
    “I no longer lay claim to it, I no longer allow it to consume my joy! I am free, my heart stripped bare and free…”
    Yes, why is it that we continue to pick this mess up when it is contained in him? I am purposing to stop that pained living, thoughts of not enough swirling around internally, and of course it’s ongoing, but I am so infinitely grateful for the joy that comes in laying ourselves bare before him. That he clothes us and sets us FREE!
    Bless you, dear one!

    • Friend? A whispered thank you for commenting here. I am always so very amazed at how God moves on a Thursday night at midnight… I’m not sure why I continue to be amazed, but I am none the less… and the lessons I have learned within the safety of community? Priceless. Thank you dear friend for taking this journey with me! {hugs}

  16. I know there is so much peace and freedom in acknowledging who you are meant to be in God and letting others see that. I’m learning to embrace that…and I pray that you will continue to. Here’s to living fully!!!

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