Five Minute Friday – Again

Love these days – when writing comes straigh from the heart – no stopping, no wondering, no second guessing.   Five Minute Fridays.

I remember the day that my body tightened, awaiting the arrival of miracle, again.  A second blessing from God.

I remember the way that the pain started and moved across my hardening belly as my body prepared to welcome new life – Again and again and again waves of pleasure pain rippling and pushing life into a waiting world.

I remember when the doctors placed him there in my arms, heaven’s look lingering in his eyes and when I unwrapped him I counted 10 fingers and toes again, and again.

I remember the nights in those first few months when he would surprise us and sleep, for hours on end. My mother heart needed reassurance so I would tip toe across creaking floor and place a light hand on his tiny fluttering chest again and again and again – just to be sure.

I remember thinking that we missed some time as we flew straight into toddler years and those days when I would blow raspberries on the softness of his belly – his scent straight from God lingered still and he would chortle and laugh deep and throaty and whisper,  “Again mommy – AGAIN”

Time flies and with it his growing never seemed to stop.  “Again, I would say to him, again we have to buy you new pants.”   “Again, you’re eating again, where on earth are you hiding it –  in your leg?”  “Again, your eyes are glued to that screen, again?”   And his eyes would twinkle and his lips would quirk in that way that’s just his and that melts my heart every single time and he would say “yep – again”

And just the other day we sat down to dinner -heads bowed over steaming bowls of soup and homemade crusty bread, a new recipe and my family willing test subjects.  The first spoonful reached his mouth and he sat back on a sigh and looked at me and said -“Again mom, will you make that again”

And I will… All of it – I would do it all again and AGAIN.
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  1. This is so beautiful! Oh to relish the moments of “again” with our little ones – they grow and change so quickly. Now to go snuggle with my girl…again 😉

    • Thank you friend… thank you for stopping by… I so missed your smiling face and lovely encouragement last night… and so, so happy to see you here this morning… hug you little one – hold her close… time flies…

  2. Really lovely.

  3. Oh, yes, Tonya! I would do it again, too. This is a beautiful post.


  4. Again! This post makes me look for a photo of your son. My boys are little now, but I know they will grow fast. And some days I wish I could do the girls little years AGAIN. I missed chatting with you last night. Have a good week.

    • Nataline… I will find a picture to post in the blog when I get home tonight…I was in such a hurry to get this up this morning. I missed you last night too… headed to bed early with a painful migraine. Blessings on your week!

  5. First off- it was so great to chat with you at the FMF Party last night. And now to read your words- especially as a little girl is kicking me from the inside!- I am just full of the beauty found here. What a sweet thing to be reminded of the blessing that our children are- again and again!
    Looking forward to getting to know you more and thankful for you!

    • So wonderful to chat with you as well last night. Cherish each kick, each marvel that your body is experiencing… There will be days when schdedules and sleeplessness and feedings and diapers will seem like a mountain… but when you look back on those days you’ll be reminded how precious those babes are…

  6. Love this, Tonya. I can picture it all even as my little one is tugging on me asking again if he can watch a movie. Time moves so swiftly and sometimes the agains mount and the repetition is frustrating, but sometimes we see the beauty and that is a grace and a blessing, to stop and take it all in. Hope you’re feeling better today. Migraines are the worst!

  7. Beautifully written. So true, I remember when the doctors placed him there in my arms, heaven’s look lingering in his eyes…” Thank you. I remember when the doctors placed him there in my arms, heaven’s look lingering in his eyes

  8. You painted such a lovely picture then invited me in again and again with each changing scene…Thank you, Tonya, and I’m glad I was able to visit you this week. So glad we met via FMF 🙂

  9. Oh, Tonya…again you reach my soul. This was beautiful…perfect depiction of love.

    and I hear Him whispering to you the same, Tonya…His child…again and again 😉 <3

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