Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday

 It’s here again.  Another Five Minute Friday and another chance to spend some time writing for the sheer joy of it.   Won’t you join us over at Lisa-Jo Baker’s and take a peek at some writing from the bravest people I know?


You belong to me.  You always have.  From the moment that your heart pulsed strong in the depths of the womb. You belonged to me. 

You belong to me.  You always have.   The day that your mother gathered her strength and life pushed you into the waiting world. You belonged to me.

You belong to me.  You always have.  I was there the day you stood on that trike, those toys just out of reach.  You came crashing down and busted bone. Even on that day – you belonged to me.

You belong to me.  You always have.  That moment when hurt and anger showed up at your house and little girls had to live big girl lives.  You belonged to me.

You belong to me.  You always have.  That summer by the lake, the one where you lived in your red swimsuit, the one where you gave your heart to me?  You belonged to me.

You belong to me.  You always have.  That day that your heart turned over in your chest.  You met the one, the friend, the love, the helpmate.  You belonged to me.

You belong to me.  You always have.  That day the doctor prescribed the pill for your hurting mind.  When it got stuck in the back of your throat and yet you persevered.  You belonged to me.

You belong to me.  You always have.  When last summer you sat by the river ready to walk out on faith and hope and love and you began to find One Thousand reasons to come back home.  You belonged to me?

You have always belonged to me.  You are my daughter, you are my beloved, you are cherished.

You belong to me.


  1. This is really precious. I hope I can write something like this someday for a daughter.

  2. Beautiful. Oh, I love your stone heart! I have a thing for stones…thanks for sharing these words.

    • Dawn,

      A dear friend of mine took that picture and has graciously let me use it. I just love how it fits in with my life verse. Hope you had a fabulous weekend friend.

  3. So beautiful and poetic. I know she’ll love knowing how much she’s loved. Good job with the prep! You were first 🙂

  4. Beauutiful. We are all His precious daughters, aren’t we?

  5. Love you, Tonya. You have an awesome way with words 🙂 Hugs to you…

  6. Yes, we belong to HIM!!! This is so beautiful. I love how you gave us a glimpse of your story through His eyes!

  7. This is a gorgeous post! Every word is beautiful. Praise the Lord!

  8. Tonya,
    So tender and so beautiful…your daughter is blessed to have you as her mom 🙂

    • Dolly… and I am blessed to have her as my daughter and to be called Daugher of the King. Always a joy seeing you here in my space. Blessings.

  9. I love that we both belong to Him… and in being grafted in – we are both part of one Body… and we belong together as well… in bits and pieces as our lives mix up and intertwine… so blessed by this reminder that through ALL things… in ALL circumstances… we belong to Him!

    Love you friend! Was praying for you today! Sorry I missed out on the party!

    • Oh what a glorious thought – grafted into the vine together with you! Thank you so much for your prayers over the past few days – change is sometimes bumpy bu I’ve felt so surrounded with love and encouragement that it has made it easier.

  10. There’s just something about those girls, isn’t there? I know I am my mother’s daughter just as my daughter is mine. I am blessed to belong to such a loving tradition of women, linking lives and always standing by each other.

    • It truly is a blessing isn’t. Knowing that our lives echo on in generations long past when our time on this earth is over… Love you!

  11. Such a beautiful post, friend, one that makes me want to go hold my own daughter just a little bit closer. This is a precious gift – something to cherish. A mother’s heart knows.

  12. Beautiful. Just beautiful x

    • Thank you Karen. Just thank you.

      PS – I have been thinking of you often as your family goes through transition. Praying for you.

  13. Oh so beautiful! Thank you for the reminder that I am His precious and beloved daughter.

  14. Love this belonging! So precious.

  15. Stephenie Terris

    LOVE this!

  16. So beautiful, Tonya!! What a wonderful reminder that no matter where we go, no matter what we do, no matter what life throws at us, we always, always, always, still belong to Him. Thanks, friend!

    • Holly… it really is a beautiful thing… knowing that He has called us Beloved.

      PS… so ummm about the inadvertant word during the party… sorry about that… I’m blaming it on #twitterthumbs

  17. Beautiful! So lovely!

  18. beyond beautiful.

  19. Such an inspiring love letter from a father to his cherished daughter. You belong to Him. Yes you do.

  20. I started out thinking you were writing to your daughter but then I realized where you were going. Beautiful, just beautiful! I only wish we could remember how He feels about us when times get rough and the world tries to make us feel like we don’t belong. We do belong – to Our Father.

  21. Made me think of my son and how I pray for his heart of stone to be changed into a heart of flesh.

    • Oh Lisa… reachng out and holding your hand and praying or you right now friend… and for your son. Thank you so much for stopping by here.

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