Fall in Love With The World Next Door {and a Giveaway}

Remember when I took you to South Africa on Valentine’s Day?  Remember when we traded chocolate for carrots?  Remember when I partnered with Lisa-Jo Baker and asked you do the scared brave of building a Community Garden?  Remember when I asked you to click over here at Pure Charity to  help raise the $5000 needed for food that would fill tummies and hearts?    Well you did it!  You answered the brave and you did it!! 

Today we’re moving on to Phase 2 and y’all it’s crazy big and scary.  This community needs a kitchen, a place to cook all of that goodness that will come from that glorious South African dirt. To help things along I’m doing my very first giveaway {EEEK} because who wouldn’t want to do dishes with, one of  three sets of beautiful, hand-knit cotton dishcloths?  You’ll want to be sure to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post! 

When a Kitchen is More Than a Kitchen

There is something about a kitchen that makes me lose my breath a bit.  

The way the life seems to thrum from a sink full of dishes or the sizzling that is happening on the stove. The way that someone, usually a kid or a spouse, leans against the counter, the conversation becoming the music and rhythm that you dance to while doing the mundane.

There is just something soothing about working yeast through dough, or chopping vegetables for dinner, or preparing that warm cup of something that winds its way through the conversation and laughter with a friend.

And, there is just something about looking at a sink full of dishes, and instead of the mess you see a tummy nourished and the complete joy your heart felt in creating the art of food for your family.

You see a kitchen is more than just a necessary tool.  It is gathering place, a praying place.  It’s where hugs and hellos happen on a daily basis. It’s the moments when you’re standing shoulder to shoulder at the kitchen sink watching life and clouds go by out the windows.  Windows that are streaked with the splatter of a thousand other moments just like it.

The kitchen is where hearts peel back in conversation. Kitchens are full of the shoes-off holy moments of ordinary life and memories that bring us a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose.

Halfway around the world there are blue tarps stretched over long poles, big kettles and pots that sit on grates over open flame and chopping stations that sit under the beating sun of South Africa. It may not have the gleaming faucets or carefully coordinated cabinets and counter-tops but the love the bubbles over there is just as powerful.  The dust may swirl and churn and settle like a film on everything that it touches, but it can’t touch what’s happening to the hearts the find space to live shoulder to shoulder in Maubane. 

It’s not the roof over their heads or the pots and pans that make this kitchen home to this community.  It’s the love that comes with arms wide and flings open the welcome to all who need and long for a place to gather and share food and be nourished body and soul.

This.  This is the community that love is building.

This. This is soul work.  

This. This is holy work. 

This.  This is where love beats down and Jesus dines among His people

You too can help to build this community a Kitchen.  Simply visit Pure Charity and make your donation.  Any amount will do.  I know the amount seems daunting but God does amazing things with our ordinary.   

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