Dream God-sized DreamsI’ve been invited today to link up at Holley Gerth’s blog and dream BIG.

Today, I gotta tell you it scares the light right out of me.  This very act, posting on the fly, not sending it to my lovely and beautifully talented proof reader first – this very act alone has the blood pumping scared. 

And I voiced my dream once – actually I kind of whispered it here over at Alia’s and her reply to my comment started a fire and God is only fanning the flames.

I was made for a purpose and this  posture of seeming humility that I have been displaying, this posture that I might not be good enough, isn’t it like throwing God’s gift right back at Him?  And didn’t I just write about it yesterday when I said “He has brought order to my life and my steps have been measured and counted. And, if God has counted my days and ordered each moment, should I not then stop counting my failures?”  So here it goes, dreaming BIG in my small little prayer closet and feeling God standing right behind me cheering me on!

I want to write.  A book!

This last year has been incredible!  God has been working in me.  I have been counting joys and living life right to the fullest!  I have cracked opened the spine of God’s word and allowed Him to speak truth and light into my life.  I started this blog in hopes of trying to capture some of what God is doing and because I wanted to tell my story.  And this pouring out of my heart?  It has been cathartic and healing and every time I sit down and tap on keys I relive every experince, every beautiful and holy moment that God has set before me.

I want to participate with international missions.

This one seems impossible.  This “go ye into all the world” dream seems practically impossible.  But if I’ve learned anything this year its that God makes the impossible, practical.  So I’ll just keep breathing and living and speaking this heart’s beat to God. 

I want to attend a Bloggers Conference.

I followed the Twitter feed for Allume this past Fall and I’m not gonna lie – I was just a tad bit envious.   I would love nothing more than to sit and learn from those who have gone before me and to enter this world of writing right along side my other brave, oh so brave sisters.   There are some fellow bloggers that I have “met” online and I want to hug their necks – I want to touch flesh and see eyes and just be present with other messy, beautiful and talented girls. 

That’s my list – those three things they are my dreams.   And when chores and to-do lists and my own time line stomp and huff in child-like tantrum and when dissatisfaction and “God this? Truly? This?” are my offering I will remember.  Remember the “quarry from which [I was] mined and the rock from which [I was] cut”  (Isaiah 51:1 NLT).  I will remember that I have turned my life, my heart and all that beats in desire and hopes and dreams over to Him – to Christ – my solid rock, the birthplace of my faith and that my feet have been given a sure foundation.

And so today, with my dreams laid bare for all to see my knees hit the rock in deep bending grace and I feel it there – hard, strong, sure – unshakeable – the rock from which I was cut. 

***Now it’s your turn.  Head on over to Holley’s and let your dream out***


  1. Greetings from the Philippines! Wow, what wonderful dreams! And you write so well, too! I also have those dreams, but I posted a different one on my blog, hehe. Yes, I do want to write a book one day; I’m into missions as well, and my dream is for it to really thrive; and a blogging conference would be great, as I’m a newbie blogger. Hope you can also check out my God-sized dream at http://citygirlcountryhomeph.blogspot.com/2013/01/dreaming-god-sized-dreams.html God bless you!

  2. Sweet Mich – thank you so much for our kind words and for stopping by. I would love to check out your space and will head over there on my next work break. Blessings to you today friend.

    • Thanks so much, Tonya! Thanks for your encouragement as well! May the Lord, our Dream-Fulfiller, make all our dreams come true for His glory!

  3. I too would love to attend a blog conference if for no other reason than to meet face-to-face with great blogger like you.

  4. I am with you friend… I watched on Twitter all of the activity and love surrounding Allume and was sad that I had never even heard of it before it was already happening! Maybe this year!? How wonderful would that be?

  5. I’ll jump in with your God sized dreams, especially the blogging conference and although I might have some ulterior motives (I want to meet you and hug your neck too) I am so proud of you naming them and dreaming big for Him. Love you, friend. And thank you so much. You inspire.

    • Let’s keep dreaming together then friend… And a hug from you? Yes please!! Your words Alia – they are like balm – thank you friend.

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