Dear Dream Sister

Sometimes words need to be whispered, soft and encouraging.   Here I whisper my love and support for your God-sized Dreams.  Linking up with Holley Gerth to day.

Dear Dream Sister,
I want to come close to you, touch shoulders and lean in with my ear and hear your heart.  I want to hear you whisper your dreams and touch those wounded parts of you that rise up with doubt and fear.  I just want to touch them gentle and let you know that He knows – He knows.
I want to curl up in a comfy chair at Starbucks with hands wrapped around a Vanilla Latte and hearts wrapped around the warmth of sharing and words that begin to heal those dark places.  The dark that reaches out tendrils of loneliness and feelings of “you’re less than.”  Those tendrils that try to push the joy of this dream, your dream, that was birthed by the Creator just below the surface so it never breathes His life giving power. 
I want to hold your hand as you tentatively take that “do what you can step,|  leap those obstacles and walk through the testing fires, believing all the way that all of it, all of it is for His intended purpose and His glory. 
I want to brush back your hair and have my fingertips soak up your tears when you fear that failure may actually rob you of your breath and joy.  Remind you that God is with you every step of the way. He has never left you , even as the tears dry cool on your cheeks.  You have never been alone.
I want to be there when your face lights with the beauty of His countenance the first time you realize that through this whole process you have been jealously pursued by the Almighty God.   Through the tears, the fear, the doubt and the seeming loneliness you have been pursued by the One who calls you “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  
I want to be there when your heart leaps as your dreams begin to take flight.  As they spread fledgling wings to fly in the perfect way that God intended.  With Him, Him who cares even for the sparrows, providing the updraft needed for soaring.
Lean close and let me whisper friend – that I pledge my prayers and my support as you move through your God given dream.  I promise to be the shoulder that you can lean on, the keeper of the tissues and maker of the coffee.  I promise to be the Dream Sister of your heart. 
I love you,


  1. Oh, Tonya… I needed to hear your words today! I’m so glad I took the time to listen to the video and not just read your post! your voice was a soothing balm to me this evening!
    thankful to be dreaming with you!!

  2. Oh how I would love to curl up in a comfy chair across from you to listen to more about your dream. Thank you for sharing so sweetly with us today

  3. LOVE love love this! What a gift… and what JOY to finally SEE and HEAR you sweet friend! I want this too… so glad we are Dreaming together!

  4. God provides ” the updraft needed for soaring” – Love this! Thank you and God bless you!

  5. I love this!!! And your voice and you so cute!!Thank you!!!

  6. I love you, too, Tonya.
    I’d say more, but I’m still soaking in what you’ve whispered to me… [HUGS]

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