Daughter (A Great Wonder)


It was with wonder I watched the little pink plus sign appear.   Its stark colour against the back drop of white.  That same wonder followed me through the aisles of the department store looking for the tiniest pairs of shoes – to hang our apartment door – a sign that love have come full circle and that parenthood was imminent.



It was with wonder I watched my body swell and stretch, life blossoming right before my eyes and my belly button like a marker, a landmark on the new topography of my stomach.   It was with wonder when I felt the first flutters, the first kicks and nights spent with hands embracing what I could not yet hold in my arms.

 It was with wonder I felt the first stirrings of arrival.  The pain that bows a body and arches a back – wonder I felt through every tightening and every quickening that this, this I would do again in a heartbeat.


It was with wonder I stared into the large blinking eyes, fringed with lashes that would be the envy of every woman. It was with wonder I would count every finger, every toe, my finger tips dancing across the smoothest of skin.
Twenty-one  years later I am still in wonder at how this miracle of birth has given way to the miracle of life. I watch her grow not just in stature but in heart.  I
It is with wonder that I watch her enter the fray of life with confidence and a heart full of Him! 


It is with wonder my knees bend to floor and I thank God every day for the minutes, the hours the seconds I have had with such a precious gift.

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