Compassion Blog Month: Sacrifice

I can see his face.  These bottomless eyes and the look of hesitancy, of wary as he posed for the camera.  He is 4 years old and I wonder some days what went through is little mind when the Compassion representative snapped his photo. Could his little mind comprehend what would happen when our family received his beautiful face in the mail?  Currently his picture is crowded with all of the other lists, coupons and paraphernalia that are on my refrigerator door.

I put him there in hopes that every time we open the door we will take a minute, stop and think about what he means and how he fits into our family – even though he lives in a different country.  There is some shame in the next sentence that there are some days I open the door to grab a drink or the next ingredient for whatever I am making for dinner and passing glance is all that he gets.  A nano-second before I am overcome, overwhelmed and moving on to the next thing.  So today I’m confessing to a lack of sacrifice.  I’m confessing to a need in me that has decided that Juan deserves so much more.  He is more than the picture, more than the line in the family budget, more than the monthly withdrawal that is so habitual we don’t even notice it.  Juan deserves to be noticed. 
Sacrifice is about more than money.  It has to be, because really the $41(CDN) that leaves our account on the 15th of every month is a mere fraction in our yearly income.  We don’t even notice it’s missing. Our small donation doesn’t even impact how we live our lives, we still buy groceries, clothes and fill our weekends and evenings with entertainment. Of course to Juan that small donation is life altering, but really what sacrifice was there.
When I am just focused on the money, it all seems so sterile, so impersonal. 
I need to count the cost and consider sacrifice good economics.  Sacrifice is something that is given up, something that is lost – a personal cost. 
Those days when I see his face peering at me in the kitchen am I so busy that I can’t stop for just one moment and pray, place my hands on the pixelated wonder that is him and thank God for his little life? Or, can I not feel compelled to head to my office instead grabbing that drink, or the remote and write a letter to that small boy to let him know that he is loved and we care so much for him?  Can I not see that this sacrifice, the sacrifice of me and my time is Kingdom work, it is holy work and that God has called me for such a time as this?

And what about the other children needing sponsors?  Is there maybe room for one more in our family?  So many children who, without our small sacrifice will not know what it means to eat a good meal, receive medical attention, learn to read or hear about Jesus. Tonight around our dinner table we’ll be talking about what it means to sacrifice.  

And really what have I lost?   What element of comfort have I relinquished for this small boy whom God has entrusted in our care?  

Are you considering sponsoring a child? Trust me when I tell you it is about so much more than the money.  It is an opportunity to speak life into a child, it’s a soul changing opportunity.  Can I gently encourage you to click HERE to have a look at children who are right now waiting to be sponsored.  And if you’re not sure about whether or not you can sponsor a child, would you take a moment to pray for one of them?  

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