Community Sings

There is a chorus that swells into a holy crescendo when we press our stories up close together.  When we come together each note tells a simple tale that when blended has us bending our knees in an awestruck wonder of community.
There are pieces of a refrain that lift and lilt and swirl around us as we are surrounded by an expectant hallelujah. The beauty of our voices lift up each other’s notes and blends them in perfect harmony.
We are meant for this chorus of story.  We are meant to share and shape our notes into a perfect harmony that brings us closer in community and closer to the holy wonder of Him.
There is no off note. No discoloured chord.  There is only a sweet fragrance of doing life together.  We need you and we need the music of your story.
And can’t you see?  Can you not see how that sound, the sound of your life, beats a rhythm in my life and mine beats a rhythm in yours and together we make music.
This April 25 & 26 won’t you stretch out your hand and grab the hand of the sister next to you.
The one that sits beside you in the pew or at the park.  Hold the hand of the sister you say hello to every day in the kiss ‘n ride.  Wrap your arms around the one who spends Sundays pretending she’s the wallpaper in the church foyer.

Won’t you grab hold of her hand and let her know that her story is the music that your story needs to hear.

Friends, (in)RL is the perfect conference.  Because it’s the one that comes to you!!!  Just click on the button below to register.  You will see how God can make your story sing!!! 

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