Community – It Matters

Community was never meant to be easy.  How could it be?  We are all messy, undone and uniquely vulnerable individuals.  It makes being in community hard, hard work but…

It also makes being in community startling beautiful.  When we gather together and share our stories, lay open the most joyous parts and the most painful parts of our lives and let healing soothe our broken places community becomes a holy wonder.

That group in the photo up there (yes I’m pictured there, waaaaay in the very back) they mean the world to me.  Why?  Because with many of them I’ve entered into the glory of community and some of them even have held my aches and pains in the tenderness of their arms when they have hugged me and some have brushed away tears with their finger tips.  And with almost all of them I have laughed until my sides ached, swapped my most embarrassing moments and a lot of them have seen me operate on little, to no sleep (which is a sight to behold, or so I’m told).

The point I’m trying to make here is that we need each other.  The gospel of Christ was not intended so that each us to live life as if we’re stranded on an island.   No, the gospel of Christ, the very marrow of it, is the Body, each of us together, living life to the fringes and sided by side.

Community and I haven’t always got along.  In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that I was willing to hide in my own little bubble and  let life just continue to happen around me. The more I hid, the more my heart longed for something so much more.  It longed for companionship, story telling and friendship.  Slowly, ever so slowly, God wooed me back to community and he started with the women at (in)Courage.  I have met women within this community who hear my heart when it beats fear and excitement.  Women who get me and women who are willing to walk out on the thinnest limb with me as I take hold of my dreams.

God healed parts of me with the help of this community.  Parts that I thought I would never be healed from.  God has used this community to birth dreams and then He has given me His courage through these women to follow His path to those dreams in faith.

One of the ways (in)Courage has been some instrumental in my life is through their Community Groups.  Last session was the first time I had the privilege of helping to lead one of the groups with my friends Alia and Kathi and I am thrilled to be leading with them again.

The (in)Courage community groups are about gathering women from all over the world into an on-line small -group setting done through Facebook Pages.  These groups are designed with YOU, yes you, in mind, they are a safe, private and wonderful place to connect with women who may very well be walking some of the same paths you are.

Can I gently encourage you here to take a look at the (in)Courage Community Groups page.  I am certain that you will find a group that fits you perfectly.

 Scared? Unsure? Been burned by community before?

I get that.  Believe me when I tell you I get that.  But here’s the thing.  Your heart was made for community and the (in)Courage groups are the perfect way to re-introduce yourself to what it feels like to be cared for and loved  EXACTLY the way you are.

Signing up is as easy as one, two, three…

I’ve got my cup of coffee and spot saved on the couch for you!!!  Won’t you come join us?

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