Carrots are the New Chocolate (To South Africa with Love)

What if this Valentines Day we traded chocolate for carrots?  What if we handed out cards of seeds instead of paper and sparkles?  What if we created hearts that framed the faces of 250 amazing kids?  What if we sowed love like a gardener sows seeds.  One gentle bud at a time.

And the dreamer behind this crazy dream?  She’s been shamelessly pursuing brave all week.  Y’all trust me when I tell you that it’s crazy in the most wonderful of ways.  
$150,000 by Mother’s Day!  Yep, it’s shamelessly crazy I tell you. And here’s the thing, it’s Valentines Day and we can love at risk kids a half a world a way and build a community center that wraps each one up in a cocoon of love.  Five Phases is what it’s going take to build more than a foundation that is made out of mortar and bricks. 
Phase 1 is a garden.  Imagine that. Green and lush growing straight up out of the South African dirt.  
I know it seems ridiculous crazy, that we can take a deep breath and watch this happen.  But here’s the thing — God’s got this!  
If you’re anything like me, you’re standing over your sink, bustling one more load of the never-ending pile we call laundry, you’re picking up the last of the clutter and right now your making tomorrows lists, the one that always grows and never shrinks.  You’re filling your task list and in the back of your mind you’re wondering what can I change, what can I do to make a differences. 

And it is a lie to believe that the only way to make change, to be the change, to rise up for such at time as this is to traverse oceans, scale mountains, and walk through deserts.  

You can be the gift.  Yes you, the one who wonders how to make this world a better place and thinks that touching your feet on a foreign land is the only way to do that.  You can make the difference simply by giving from what you already have.  Trust me when I tell you that hearts will be filled and lives will be changed — even yours. 

You don’t have to board an airplane to give from your heart.  You can start by just clicking here on the Pure Charity page and let’s put seeds in the ground and in hearts. 

Let’s change the world on Valentines Day! 

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