Behind the Scenes: (in)Courage

Linking up again this week with Crystal Stine for her Behind the Scenes.  There is so much great beauty over here, brave writers who dare to take you beyond the frame of the photo.  Won’t you join us?

The Photo  

There’s this community on-line that makes my breath catch when I think about it.  Those little bumps that raise all prickly right over your skin – that’s what happens every time my mind wanders to the marvelous and beautiful thing that is (in)Courage.  
“A home for the hearts of women…”    That’s what you’ll read under their banner and little did I know.
Last year about this time I was discovering (in)Courage for the very first time.  A gathering for women.  A place where you could put your feet up on the coffee table, sit back with a warm cuppa and chat or laugh or cry.  A space where tears would be carefully kept and friendships would bloom out of hardship and triumphs and where geographical boundaries did not factor into relationship. 
Yeah – this place makes me catch my breath and just now thinking about how God used this community to heal places in me that I didn’t think would ever be healed makes me a little leaky eyed. 
And last week I “met” with the two lovely ladies above to plan our (in)Courage Community Group for writers.  I must admit to pinching myself, making sure that this is really happening.  How, in just one short year, God has brought me to a place to be able to reach out and be part of this amazing community in this way.  It’s all a bit surreal. 
And you know what?  You too can experience all of the awesome sauce that is (in)Courage. 
On September 16th doors will open all around the world and women will gather to connect with other women – online. Twitter will explode with women reaching out, Facebook will be over-run with pages that call women to be part of community and Instagram will be filled with images of women needed others to see how their lives have been changed.  I can’t help but be a little starstruck at all of the the holy wonder that will happen as a result of these groups coming together. 
Benches, as my friend (and the lovely host of this link up) Crystal, would say, are going to be built and they will be big enough, wide enough and deep enough to sit shoulder to shoulder with friends, new and old. 
My prayer for you.  Yes you, the tired, the weary, the wondering-if-anyone-is-out-there-who-cares, the moms, the grandmas, the sisters, the friends, the lonely, my prayer is that you will consider being part of a this awesome community and that just maybe…
Your breath will catch a little too. 

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