Behind the Scenes – Goals ( I Suck at Them)

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I set goals about as good as I wait. 


Often my goals look oddly similar to other people’s goals  I see them living their life and it looks so awesome and glamorous and just downright fun.  So I base my plan for living, my goals, around what they have planned.

You see where this is going right?  Straight to heartache. 

When I put on someone else’s goals they are like ill-fitting clothes.  They chafe and rub and never quite look on me like they do on someone else.

Goal setting is good.  It’s awesome.  It helps to plan your next steps, move you forward in fulfilling your dreams, but my goals need to reflect me – not someone else’s life. 

I very rarely wait long enough (yep there’s that word again), from God.  I rarely wait long enough to allow Him to birth goals and dreams in me.  I just run head long into someone else’s life, someone else’s race – and then I’m always so shocked and surprised when I drop the baton. 

Why am I so afraid of being myself? Why am I so afraid of stepping into the life, the goals that God has for me?

These are some of the questions that I will be looking at in the coming year.  I need to put these questions at the feet of Him.  I need Him to wipe my slate clean, clean of other peoples dreams and goals, and then I need to keep my hands off the chalk so He can write my life for me. 

Then, and only then will I be able to start living my own life – the one He intended for me.  

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