Behind the Scenes – Frappacinos & Friendship


I’m joining my friend Crystal Stine today on her new link up Behind the Scenes.  What happened just before or just after the picture was snapped.  A glimpse into our real lives. So here goes…  the one I promised Crystal I’d write (sorry it’s not a song friend, I’ll leave that beautiful gift in your capable hands)
There is this stalwart of sisters I have met online.  Women whose hearts often beat the same as mine.  Women who have slayed the dragons of doubt, fear and insecurity as they defend the dream that God has placed in them through a bleeding of words and laying bare their souls.   These women have become a support system for me in ways that I only could’ve have imagined and never even dared to hope. 
I have come to depend on these women as integral parts of my spiritual journey.  Their words, the encouragement that flows so freely and the fierceness of their prayers have seen me through some desparate times.  Some bending low, heart keening times.  These women have become part of the compass that God uses to point me in the direction of Christ more times than I can count. 
I have never met these women in real life.  I have never hugged necks, looked into their eyes, breathed the same air that they breathe but together we share a bond that breaks down every boundary.  We share a bond that even the cold and sterile world of computers and gigabytes cannot contain – a deep down, absolute and passionate love for Jesus – and a desire to build conversation and share our stories.
So it doesn’t really come as any surprise that we want to share voices and life without the limitations of 140 characters or less.  We want to take that step that breaks down the last walls of protection and become vulnerable to our core.  We want to sit on a bench and share our lives.
Last week a normal Twitter conversation turned into something more. I can’t even tell you exactly how it all started but several of us chimed in and before you know we were talking about Starbucks and Frappacinos and wouldn’t it be great if we could share space and air and life together.  So the calendars came out, the dates started flying and then came the hashtag – #frappybench.
We were going to build a bench, the five of us, we’re not going to let geography stand in our way – and we started planning a meet-up, albeit an online one.  One that involves video images and real time convesation.   I cannot even begin to tell you how excited this makes me.  5 incredibly different women from ALL walks of life leaning into a desire to move past our insecurities and take down just one more barrier in order to do life together.
5 women
A young mom, with an active toddler and a smile that lights up my Twitter feed.  She has the gift of encouragement that builds parks of “benches” all over the internet – she also happens to be the host of this link up.
A college girl, with an amazing heart after God and amazing words that steer this 40something back to Christ.  Her vibrant enthusiasm and watching her follow her dreams makes my day brighter.
A 30something blogger who is finding her way through motherhood and marriage.  She is a crackshot editor and she accepted this fledgling writer no questions asked into a writer’s support group that means the world to me.
A married mother with 4 (bless her heart, 4) beautiful kids with a desire to choose joy and is committed to that journey. And she makes the most beautiful handcrafted cards you could ever imagine (some day I’m going get up the nerve to ask her for one)
Me –  A 42 year old mother of 2 who is fast approaching her empty nest years and decided that now is a good time to obtain a degree and live the youth that I didn’t get to at 18.  I’m returning to school full time in the Fall.
I can just see it now. 
The bench jammed with love.  Shoulders, touching shoulders, hands wrapped around cups and hearts winding together in ways that strip us down – mother, wife, sister – to the very core of who we are…
Daughters of the King.



  1. You have me in tears this morning…love this so much! And I can’t wait for that day in July to sit on virtual benches and share coffee and life – and one day hug necks & cram on sofas together to share stories in real life.

  2. Such a beautiful testimony of how much God created us for community both near and far. I love to see a sisterhood growing across the miles and the generations.

  3. This is beautiful…I love how God creates community and brings just the right people together…no matter where we are in life. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! Have a wonderful day, friend!

    • Mel – thank you for stopping by here. And community is so intrinsically entwined with the Gospel – and His grace flows abundant through it.

  4. While the Internet provides a lot of time-sucking traps, your beautiful words prove the value of community–be it in person or virtual. Thank you for remind me to keep reaching out!

    • Anita, The internet can be a vortex – I know all too well how easy it is to get sucked in. It is a daily reminder to take a break and engage in real life – but this community, these people – I am so blessed. Just so, so blessed.

  5. I loved this so much.. it gave me Holy Ghost bumps. it just reminded me of the awesome joy of community. I love it! Thank you friend. And what a lovely writer you are!

  6. Oh friend… yes to all of it! I love your heart and the way you paint a picture with your words… What a lovely bench – and Hello? You had me at Starbucks! 😉 LOVE love love this – and you!

    • Girl!!! How did I know that Starbucks would keep you reading more??? Thank you for taking the time, especially today to tap some words here and make me smile! (Praying for you friend).

  7. How fun!!! This is a great idea, and I need to find you on Twitter! I’m MelanieAnneTN and I am still trying to figure out Twitter and how to keep track of people I find 🙂 LOVE this idea and praying it will be the start of many more!


  8. I have a lot of online friends as well lately, and think it’s neat how God can work in that (weird) way. Love this! HOpe your bench gets built!

    • Me too… I never imagined – could not have even dreamed up how much God would use the internet for this. Praying for my bench daily friend.

  9. I’m late to the party with my social media fast, but your words bless me so much… Can’t wait for a frappybench in July and a shared coffee at Allume!

    • Never late frined… So glad you found these words after your social media fast – frappybench… YAY!!! Allume!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!

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