Because I Can’t be at (in)RL

For the Women of (in)Courage

I am so sad that I will not be attending the (in)RL meet ups.  A final exam has taken priority on my schedule.  But I will be watching the Webcasts and can. not. wait. for God to speak through them, and I wanted to leave a little something here for you all sweet friends…

Dear Sisters,

You have all been on my heart these past few days as I have whispered to God about this wonderful community, this stalwart of sisters who are courageously embarking on the journey of togetherness. I have asked God to show each one of you the beauty that comes from the souls of Christ-sisters being stitched into a tapestry of His amazing grace.

I know for some of you, this Saturday will be so far outside your comfort zone you’ll be wondering right up to the last minute if there is an “unregister” button, because the thought of fellowship and laying open your heart scares you to tears.  But know this… He knows.  He knows and He will be there in the welcome of your gracious host, in the laughs shared around cupcakes.  He will be the one in that hand that passes the tissues as His love for you fills you to overflowing.  You are brave, you are courageous and you are exactly where God needs you to be – entering into deep hospitality with the body of Christ.

And, sweet hostess sister, your heart and passion has not gone unnoticed.  As you cook and bake and clean your servitude is being honoured as the love of hospitality pours from your hand.  A whisper here friend, that all is grace, in the eyes of God and that your home, your living room, your church fellowship hall is about to become hallowed and sacred ground.  Relationships will be forged; stories shared and wounds lay bare as Kingdom work weaves in and out of the hearts of believers.

To the leadership at (in)Courage.  God is honouring your vision and it has been His holy breath that has helped this dream soar to new and terrific heights.  Just know that you are all being lifted up in prayer, that knees are bending in hard kneeling prayers for this weekend and for the Spirit of God to be felt in the hearts of 5000 women.  And this Kingdom work, doesn’t stop on Saturday, the coming together of hearts, the practice of hospitality, the building of communities they are things that will lead the next generation of women.

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peacebecause you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” –  Romans 15:13 NLT

Much love to you all,

In Christ,




  1. Oh My LORD… girl – I felt those prayers… I fetl them this week and I felt them as I read them here… I so wish you were at MY meet up – or any… but I trust He will meet up with you where you are and you will be blessed beyond your hope… I am believing that He will Surprise you with His Presence! I was chatting online with a friend that I met at a retreat years ago. I only spent one weekend with her in real life – but we stayed connected online. She is feeling lonely and disconnected and I pointed her to this wknd. She is going to watch and next week – we are planning a phone date or an online chat time to discuss it! (I’d love to make a date with you too, friend!)

    • I know He will meet me… and perhaps, just perhaps this worked out this way so that I could prayer warrior all my soul sisters through their (in)RL… I was going to have a meet up, had it registered and all and was making plans for the hosting… and then I got my exam schedule… and well I guess God has other plans… Oh… let’s make a date… I love online chats… and if I get to hear you sweet voice… I’ll cry… I will most likely cry…

  2. I won’t be at an (in)RL gathering, either, since it coincides with the annual Scrap Camp retreat at Lutheridge. I guess, in a way, I will be with a gathering of a different sort! Looking forward to my weekend in the mountains.

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  4. Amen!! I’m hosting in MN, and have been nervous all week! I keep trying to remember this is about God, not about me. Thank you for the prayers. 🙂 I pray you’ll be blessed this weekend, that God will show up in ways you didn’t imagine.

  5. Thank you, sweet friend. I’m going–and I just so happen to be going to Amanda’s meetup who commented already!;) still, this introvert has to remind myself every 5 minutes why…it’s funny how God’s work calls you out of your comfort zone continually, and yet, when you get there, it’s so filled with Him you don’t even notice.;)

    praying for your final, friend! {HUGS}

  6. Thanks to Karrilee for tweeting this and pointing me your way. This is a blessed encouragement for sure! If I get to have my fathering, it will be a small one, but I look forward to knowing that I’ll be sharing in community with all these (in)couragers, FMF ladies, and others with God-wide, loving hearts that I’m meeting along the way!

    • Rebekah, praying that your gathering will be all that God has planned for you and your group… And yes, these communities are incredible and so very grateful for how God has used them in my life…

  7. Thank you for such a beautiful post. I’m with Nikki… this is def. a difficult one for me. But I know it’s a must. Thank you for your prayers.

  8. Thank you for this – these words are more precious than you could know. {hug}

  9. Oh Tonya, I don’t even know what to say. Last year I was the one nearly suffocating from lack of relationship. I know there are many this year. Live your heart. Anxiously awaiting our own meet up. 😉

  10. Dear friend, it’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to connect, but I just popped over and read this and it is so what I needed to read before going to sleep. For some reason God has me hosting tomorrow and I can’t tell you how nervous I have been all week. It’s been a really lonely year for us living in a new place but I know what real community looks like and I believe it can happen here (in our new home area). Your words struck a chord deep down, especially with this: A whisper here friend, that all is grace, in the eyes of God and that your home, your living room, your church fellowship hall is about to become hallowed and sacred ground. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    P.S. I still owe you Tastykakes, and please don’t think I’ve forgotten.

    • He had you hosting dear friend… because your heart is beautiful… And I must ask and please let me know… How did it go? (Please feel free to email me – if you DM me on Twitter I’ll send you my email address). And I look forward to the Tatsykakes!

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