After – Five Minute Friday

***This is where we meet every Friday.  No worrying, no fear, just bravely writing hearts and souls… even when we’re feeling a little weary***


What do you write after a hard time?  What do you write after writing so many words, some of the forced because of assignments?  What do you write when you’re heart is feeling somewhat parched after sleepless nights and forgotten quiet time with Him?

After the darkness it takes a while to see the light.  After feeling like you’ve been drowning in tasks, and responsibilities and people it takes a while to find your land legs and begin to feel like you can socialize again.

This prompt came up tonight and I struggled.  I stopped and started (yes I know that I’m not supposed to do that) several times because my heart is empty.  I feel drained of words, drained of creativity, drained of energy. 

 And even as I’m writing these words I’m feeling somewhat lost and tad bit afraid of what will come after I post these words.
56 seconds and counting and I can’t figure out what I should do after.  I stare at the clock it’s ticking by the seconds and I’m sure that after I hit publish all the words will starting rushing around my head.

So I’m reading that back to myself and thinking it’s a little erratic… but where else can you be this honest… that’s why I love Five Minute Fridays with Lisa Jo Baker – lots of bravery, honesty and sometimes we come up empty handed. 



  1. I totally get where you are coming from. 🙂

  2. That’s what FMF is all about: raw and real writing. Sometimes life itself is erratic, and you’re so right that it takes time to find your words when you’ve been drowning in responsibilities. Been there, done that, will certainly find myself there again. 🙂

    • Oh this is raw that’s for sure… but you know what somehow I think letting go like that and writing your heart actually opens up the creative lines…

  3. I have experienced many times like this, just remember : this too shall pass. Love x

  4. I love you sweet friend… more than you can know! Let’s not forget to give ourselves the Grace we so freely offer out to others, my friend! Sounds like a little soaking… maybe a little kitchen floor time is in order! Here… crank this up… words will come after…

    • Friend… thank you for this… I love the song and the passion with which the team sings… I think the kitchen floor is a good place… that and sleep which has been eluding me 🙂 Love you friend and so grateful for the way God put you in my life.

  5. Oh how I have missed you. ANd I know what you are feeling, I have been there, we all have you are not alone. Let me wrap my arms around you and lift you in prayers. Rest in Him and let Him give your strength, love you!!

  6. Hope you can get some time this weekend to renew and recharge. You write beautifully even when you feel drained. xx

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