A Fine Balance

If you know me at all, if you’ve even read a small portion of the words that I’ve written in my little corner of the world wide web you will know how much I have grown to love community. 

I have written post after post about how we were made to live in community with intention and purpose. We were meant to be breaking bread with each other, encouraging one another and wrapping our arms around those who weep and shatter.


I believe to the core of my being we were intended for the purpose of living in community.  Gospel is lived out by daily embracing those whom God has seen fit to fill our lives.  We were not meant to live this life in an amoebic state, thinking only and solely about our own well-being.

There is a fine balance however, that often tips the scales from living in community to living from community.  It’s all about the preposition; community is something we enter in to, not something we use for our own gain.

Living in community is about the Christ in me recognizing the Christ in you and coming together without fear of abandonment.  Living in community is about accepting one another as integral parts of the Body, each relying on the other as means of seeking God’s greater purpose in the world and then moving as one toward that purpose.

Today I am sharing over at A Soft Gentle Voice where my friend Rebekah Hughes has graciously opened her doors.  Won’t you join me there to continue reading?


  1. Hi Tonya, I came over here after reading your comment on Lisa-Jo’s blog about going there. WOW! I am ashamed to admit that I have never visited your blog. There are soooo many blogs that I miss some precious gems. Your writing is lovely. Your words so touching.

  2. Thank you for the reminder today that any good we do should not be for our own glory or recognition. Our end must always be to praise and glorify Him and Him alone. Thank you for your beautiful words!

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