5 Reasons Why You’ll Want to be at Allume in October


Every year in October the Hyatt Regency in Greenville, South Carolina fills to overflowing with women (and a few men).  Women who are passionate about their walk with Jesus and who want nothing more than to be used by Him.

They come alone, or in groups, and for three days they press in close and get down to the business of intentional Kingdom Work.   Allume is so much more than a “how-to” blogging conference, it’s an invitation to hone a craft that will spill over into the everyday.  It’s a conference that challenges us and helps us recognize our deep need for Jesus in every area of our lives. 

If you haven’t had an opportunity to attend Allume I would like to encourage you to consider it for this coming year. Because it will be awesome and… I want to meet you!!! 


Here are 5 reasons while you’ll want to make Allume part of your life this coming year.  {Purachase your conference pass here!} 

1.  The sponsors.  The Allume community spends a lot of time over the course of the year seeking out our wonderful sponsors.  These ministries are so vital to a successful conference, but they are are so much more than sponsors.  They are the hands and feet of Jesus.  The chance to connect with so many beautiful ministries under one roof lets you catch just a glimpse of what God is doing in this world.  Whether its in your own backyard or half way around the world you’ll see how God is on the move.  Allume is the perfect place for you be part of the bigger picture.  You can find all of the Allume sponsors by clicking here!  

2.  The keynote speakers.  I’ve always said that Allume is nothing you expect it to be but everything you need it to be.  After being part of this conference for the past two years it is still the truth.  God has used the words and stories of others to shape my life in ways that I could have never imagined!  Past speakers have challenged me, stretched me beyond what I though possible and helped me understand that we all have a part in God’s greater plan.  This year’s speaker lineup is full of rich and beautiful stories, that when woven together, create a beautiful picture of how God’s people are better together.  For the 2015 speaker lineup click here!   And, to hear last year’s keynotes you can click here to be inspired and encouraged! 

3.  The breakout sessions.  This is where it gets down to the nitty gritty.  Where the practical meets the Kingdom and the hard work is done.   The sessions are designed with you in mind and will equip you in living your art!  The sessions are still being finalized but you can see what some of the themes of last years sessions which are available for purchase… click here 

4.  The lobby at the Hyatt Regency.  I know, it seems weird.  Why would a lobby be one of the reasons why anyone would go to a conference? Think about it.  You’ve spent the past year getting to know other bloggers/storytellers/kingdom workers on-line. You exchange 140 character-limited messages, scroll through Instagram feeds and meet for the occasional Twitter Party or Facebook Hangout.  You have discussions in the comments section of blogs, chat back and forth on Voxer and even send the occasional email.  For the past year you’ve been engaged in on-line community, which is wonderful and awesome!  But, believe me when I tell you that nothing, I mean nothing compares to meeting that person, the one who seems to know your heart, for the very first time.  Those relationships you been forging in pixel-land come alive and teeny tiny avatar photos are suddenly breathing the same air as you and looking you in the eye, all while flinging their arms around you neck.  And it all happens in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency and it is a holy wonder to behold.  To book your accommodations for the conference click here! .


5.  Your life will never be the same.  I remember attending the conference as a newbie in 2013.  I. Was. Terrified.  So many new people, so many challenges and so much that I did not know!  But through the speakers and my beautiful roommates and the amazing people who have helped to birth this dream of words in me I was able to see how God has a purpose for my life.  Each year Allume has helped me see myself as God sees me.  I am His child and He loves me just as I am. To experience life with others who are discovering the same thing is truly beautiful.  And the best part?  It doesn’t end when the conference is over!  These memories, the relationships, they will be what resets your compass to point to Christ in the weeks and months following.  To read about some of the beautiful work God is doing in our community you canclick here!

If you’re thinking about Allume and have any questions at all I would love to chat more about it.  You can find a  link to my email on the sidebar or you can leave your questions in the comments.   And if you’ve already purchased your ticket maybe leave a little shout out in the comments so I can know to look for you and hug your neck!



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