5 Minute Friday – Quiet

Quiet.  My soul has craved this word for so long now.  It has craved the peace that comes from quiet.  I have tried to package quiet, rent quiet, beg quiet and search quiet for so long I have forgotten my longing for it. 

I have forgotten that my quiet comes when I take time for joy and thanksgiving.  That the act of simply giving thanks for the dogs eyes looking all mooney at me, my son strumming and making music on his guitar, to my husband gifting me with a clean and tidy kitchen on a morning when my head was pounding – the act of thanksgiving slows down time and covers the noise with the quiet of joy.

Joy quiet is hard to find. You have to be looking, you have to be searching and willing to stand still in every moment and there just there under the vibrations of the day, the busy of the schedule and the impatience of your brain you can find the holy that comes with quiet.

Joy!  It leads to the quiet, leads my soul to the peacful waters and greener pastures of basking in silence with Him.  Joy!  It breaks the sound of my impatience and my mad, desparate drive to get. it. all. done. yesterday.  Taking the time for joy and the quiet it brings my schedule into submission as I wait for His words to speak into my now. 

Quiet – my soul longs for it, it aches for the peace that can be found there.   So I come with bended knee into the quiet of His grace.

*** Love my Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo Baker.  One word.  5 minutes.  No worrying about spelling or grammar or word choice – just free flow writing***


  1. “the quiet of his grace” – thanks for that reminder. needed it this week.

  2. I have forgotten that my quiet comes when I take time for joy and thanksgiving. <— Yes, this. Among all the posts on quiet there are many that speak of solitude and some of the quiet hearts in messy chaos and some of being able to hear but every one rings true that to hear it is a position of of hearts, planted firmly in joy and thanksgiving. We hear Him, when we seek Him out in the gifts that are a few minutes alone, an early morning sunrise, or the giggles of our children. It’s all so beautiful when we are looking. Love this reminder, friend. Need to change my view this week. 😉

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